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Industry News

  • Deutsche Bank signs up to JPMorgan's blockchain-based Interbank Information Network —

    Deutsche Bank has joined banking rival JPMorgan Chase’s blockchain project Interbank Information Network (IIN), according to a report by the Financial Times. The IIN, which is a network of 320 banks, enables its members to exchange international payments-related information on a blockchain. Until this point, the majority of the network members were smaller banks and JPMorgan clients. “Having Deutsche join — and hopefully Deutsche will be the first of several other large banks — is going to help us drive towards ubiquity and ubiquity is a prerequisite for the success of the network,” Takis ...
  • Mastercard Still Sees Growth Opportunities in the U.S. Payment Market —

    Many payment executives regard the United States as a mature market compared with high-growth countries in Asia and Latin America, but it still has plenty of untapped opportunities, according to Mastercard Inc. executives. Its home country remains Mastercard’s largest market. As of 2018, the U.S. accounted for 33% of Mastercard’s revenues—down from 39% in 2012—and 30% of gross domestic volume. But U.S. volume grew 10%, twice the growth rate of personal consumption expenditures, according to data from Purchase, N.Y.-based Mastercard. “The runway for growth here is significant,” Linda Kirkpatrick, ...
  • Zelle founder to helm Ripple rival Interstellar —

    Mike Kennedy, the creator of the person-to-person payment network Zelle (then called clearXchange), was named Thursday as the CEO of Interstellar, a blockchain and digital currency payment technology company. Interstellar is taking on Ripple and Swift to offer technology to banks for handling global payments. The firm relies on Stellar, an open source protocol that enables cross-border transactions between any pair of digital and fiat currencies. Like Ripple, Interstellar provides a distributed ledger that banks can use to send and receive money internationally without having to go through ...

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Pacing Payments is a community designed to help you stay on top of critical developments in faster payments. This community features targeted interviews with industry leaders, updates on key initiatives, breaking industry reports, answers to critical questions, customized information, and more.

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