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Industry News

  • How ‘Me2Me’ Became FinServ’s New ‘Sticky —

    Once upon a (very recent) time, if customers needed financial services of any kind, they went to their bank. From investing to storing funds to making payments, the bank offered the total financial services bundle. And that was by design, as Ingo Money CEO Drew Edwards told PYMNTS in a recent conversation. The banks designed their systems, so it was easy to move money into their coffers, but not so easy for customers to move money out or around. It’s sticky, he noted, but in the same way that a fly trap is. However, the rise of FinTechs over the last decade or so has changed the game — because ...
  • Wells Fargo provides corporates with API for sending real-time payments —

    Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) announced today that its corporate customers can now send real-time payments through the RTP network via an application programming interface (API), enabling the immediate movement of money and expanding the bank’s faster payments offerings. Wells Fargo previously rolled out capabilities for both retail and wholesale customers to receive payments over the RTP network at the end of 2018. “Our customers want the ability to make immediate payments and receive timely confirmations to run their businesses more efficiently,” said Danny Peltz, head of Treasury, Merchant and ...
  • The Clearing House releases model agreement to facilitate data sharing —

    The Clearing House has released a Model Agreement to help FIs and fintech companies establish legal terms for the sharing of bank-held consumer data. Developed with input from TCH member banks, non-bank financial institutions and fintechs, the Model Agreement is intended to accelerate the legal review process during negotiations and ensure that key data security requirements are understood. The Model Agreement is meant to provide a common foundation of generally accepted terms as a starting point to facilitate data-access agreements between banks and fintechs, reducing the need to negotiate the same ...

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Pacing Payments is a community designed to help you stay on top of critical developments in faster payments. This community features targeted interviews with industry leaders, updates on key initiatives, breaking industry reports, answers to critical questions, customized information, and more.

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