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  • PayThink Remote work or not, current B2B payments aren't up to snuff — PaymentSource

    "The future of business payments has been a hot topic, with no shortage of opportunity or ideas when it comes to transforming B2B transactions.

    However, the future of B2B payments is being impacted by an unforeseen challenge that has taken its toll on a variety of industries, professions and business interactions: the coronavirus pandemic. The adoption of technologies and ideas that drive modern and innovative ways of working has long been a focus for businesses, but the need has never been more acute or the timeline more compressed than it is right now. Simply put, the pandemic we’re all navigating our way through now has made it clear that the time to accelerate the digital transformation of B2B payments is now."

  • Updates about government-backed hacking and disinformation — Google

    "On any given day, Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) is tracking more than 270 targeted or government-backed attacker groups from more than 50 countries. Our team of analysts and security experts is focused on identifying and stopping issues like phishing campaignszero-day vulnerabilities and hacking against Google, our products and our users. Today, we’re sharing recent findings on government-backed phishing, threats and disinformation, as well as a new bulletin to share information about actions we take against accounts that we attribute to coordinated influence campaigns."
  • Plaid launches Plaid Exchange to help banks manage their API — TechCrunch

    Plaid, the fintech company that is in the process of being acquired by Visa for $5.3 billion, is launching Plaid Exchange this week. Plaid is mostly known for its range of APIs that let developers access banking information.”
  • New challenger bank caters to freelancers, gig workers — American Banker

    "Oxygen, a new digital bank founded by Hussein Ahmed, hopes to be a breath of fresh air for freelancers and entrepreneurs. It opened to the public on Thursday, and its app is available to download from Apple and Google. It bills itself as a bank for U.S. professionals who draw their income from multiple sources, including contract work and freelance gigs."

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  • On May 14, 2020 the Secret Service   issued a warning   about a "well-organized Nigerian fraud ring exploiting the COVID-19 crisis to commit large-scale fraud against state unemployment insurance programs." The Secret Service believes that this ring ...

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