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Sean Carter is the Senior Vice President of Payments Strategy for NEACH.

Sean joined the NEACH team in March 1997 and is focused primarily on creating and supporting risk and compliance products and programs, including ACH Audits and Risk Assessments, as well as customized education for financial institutions and corporate users of the ACH Network. Prior to working on the risk and compliance programs at NEACH, Sean managed the association’s education program, delivering training, teleseminars, and workshops. Sean is also a speaker at numerous national industry events.

Prior to working at NEACH, Sean worked for a community bank in New England, where he was responsible for generating treasury management leads. Prior to that, he worked in accounting at West Lynn Creamery in Lynn, MA, serving on a team that was tasked with reducing paper processes in both the accounts payable and account receivable cycles.

Sean has been certified by NACHA as an Accredited ACH Professional since 1999 and was reaccredited in 2004 and 2009.