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  • How Faster Payments Could Kill the Two-Week Pay Cycle —

    The use cases for faster payments are typically considered to be somewhat niche: payments to the gig economy, immediate insurance disbursements, disaster relief, etc. But if any payment can be made in real time, why should full-time employees wait two weeks for every paycheck?
  • 8 Mobile Payment Trends that Matter for 2019 — Mobile Payments Today

    We will see global, cross-channel, point of sale solutions integrated with the merchant back-office and financing options to reach scale. Globally, European open banking efforts will create the foundation of significant point of sale innovation. Successful merchant acquirers/payment processors will innovate through some combination of three strategies.
  • PayThink: P2P’s Speed Puts Personal Info at Greater Risk —

    Peer-to-peer payments have increasingly become the norm. The National Automated Clearing House Association found that 29.4 million P2P transactions were executed in last year's second quarter alone, a 24% increase from 2017. It shouldn’t come as a surprise: Mobile payments are a fast, easy and convenient way to transfer money.
  • Today In Data: The Future Of Faster Payments —

    Financial Innovation Now (FIN) submitted a public letter in December, contending that the Fed was best-positioned to operate a ubiquitous, interoperable real-time payments network. Innovation, flexibility and agility helped drive WEX’s acquisition of Discovery Benefits, Inc. (DBI). Mobile is expected to comprise more than half of eCommerce in the coming years. Online retailers are forecasted to open hundreds of stores, and Brandless has rolled out a subscription service.

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  • NEACH's Faster Payments Executive Summary published monthly in a quick, easy-to-read charticle and blog post, is your go-to resource for staying in the know about new developments in the faster payments landscape. Each month's briefing highlights ...

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  • NEACH is pleased to welcome guest contributor Rayleen Pirnie, Owner, RP Payments Risk Consulting Services, LLC. Rayleen explains why faster payments MUST equal faster fraud detection in the article below.  Faster payments can equal faster ...

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  • Faster payments are going mainstream. Well, almost. According to Google, the words "faster payments" or "real-time payments" appeared in approximately 81,000 headlines in 2018 to date. And those are just the headlines we know about. How many more business ...

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  • No area of banking is undergoing more change and innovation than payments, and nowhere was this more evident than at our 2018 Innovating Payments Conference. The concept behind the conference was different from the start-convene executives from financial ...

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