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  • The Paypers releases the B2B Payments and Fintech Guide 2019 –

    The Paypers has released a dedicated guide with global insights on the B2B payments, instant cross-border payments and e-invoicing market.

    The new edition of B2B Payments and Fintech Guide 2019 offers insights and analyses from thought leaders on key industry topics such as cross-border payments, instant payments, B2B commerce, payments infrastructure, all the while not forgetting the important role that e-invoicing plays in the industry.

    Download your complimentary copy to learn more.
  • Why the Real-Time Payments Market Is Set to Explode? –

    Real-Time Payments Market has penetrated different applications including BFSI, IT & Telecom, retail & e-commerce, government, healthcare, travel, and energy. The retail and e-commerce applications dominate the real-time payments industry as it displays the maximum demand for payment services that offer convenience, speed, safety, ubiquity, and value for money. Moreover, as the technology has become cheaper and more accessible, the transaction-by-transaction settlement has become more realistic in the central bank money, leading to faster fund transfers for retail payments. The growing inclination of consumers toward online shopping also acts as a driving force in the real-time payments market.
  • Payments Remain Key To Customer Service For Bank Of The West –

    Most consumers look at banking as a time-consuming chore. They have many options to choose from and their loyalty can be fickle, making onboarding and engagement challenging.

    That’s why Bank of the West is not trying to think like a bank at all, said Hisham Salama, the bank’s executive vice president and head of digital channels. Bank of the West is instead using data and a focus on payments to craft an experience centered around what consumers really want: simplicity.
  • Avidia Bank to Implement Real-Time Payments –

    Avidia Bank announced that it has committed to bringing real-time payments capabilities to its customers through the RTP® network developed by The Clearing House (TCH).

    With the RTP network, Avidia Bank will deliver to its customers the most modern payments infrastructure in the world, enabling consumers and businesses to send, clear, and settle payments immediately while also providing for advanced messaging capabilities.

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