Improving Cyber-Security for Small Business Critical Infrastructures - Overview

By Sean Carter AAP, APRP, NCP posted 06-10-2015 11:08


In the ever-changing environment of remote payments processing, increased access to payments systems and costly attacks on business networks, there is a surging need for protecting systems from the risk of cyber-attacks.  Businesses are a rich source of data that cyber-criminals are after. Industry experts believe small to mid-sized businesses continue to be the prime focus of attackers due to their access to information, but generally lower risk postures. Minimizing cyber-related threats is everyone’s responsibility, but can prove challenging in a small business environment.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing “Where to Start” information for a small business to consider when developing a strong security posture to secure their network against the threat of cyber-attacks. This information will be based primary on the National Institute of Standards and Technology 2014 Cyber Security Framework; as discussed in NACHA's Risk Management Advisory Group (RMAG) in January 2015.

I encourage you to keep up with the discussions that will be posted and weigh in on your experiences or just ask questions.