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Industry News

  • Apple Pay Cash Launches--The Payments Review

    Apple joins a growing list of ways friends and family can send money to each other. Will Apple find success with their version? Apple launched its person-to-person (P2P) payments service, Apple Pay Cash, riding on top of Apple’s iMessage, thereby joining a long list of other tech companies who also offer P2P, including PayPal, Square, Venmo, Facebook, Google, SnapChat, Zelle, PopMoney, and several others. With this service, Apple is hoping to generate new P2P users in a demographic that typically shied away from P2P apps more popular with younger users, and possibly spur increased use of Apple ...

  • Boston’s Transit System To Replace Its CharlieCard With Contactless Fare Payments

    Less than a month after winning the contract to bring contactless fare payments to New York City’s vast subway and bus system, Cubic Transportation Systems won a $575 million contract from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to replace the CharlieCard, a fixture in Boston, with a modernized fare system centered on contactless payments. The 10-year contract has two five-year extension provisions. San Diego-based Cubic’s partner for the MBTA project is John Laing Group plc, a London-based infrastructure-management and investment firm with a hand in transportation and building projects ...

  • Facebook Messenger now supports PayPal Payments in Bots, Will Track Your PayPal Receipts--TechCrunch

    PayPal is deepening its relationship with Facebook, and will now become one of the payment options within Messenger, among other integrations. That means customers who shop via the growing number of chatbots from online merchants will be able to transact on Messenger using PayPal’s payment service. In addition, as part of this deal, PayPal says it will make it easier to link your PayPal account to Facebook and Messenger, and it will roll out support for receiving notifications about PayPal transactions to Messenger users in the U.S.

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Pacing Payments is a community designed to help you stay on top of critical developments in faster payments. This community features targeted interviews with industry leaders, updates on key initiatives, breaking industry reports, answers to critical questions, customized information, and more.

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