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Joseph Casali is the Senior Vice President of Operations and IT for NEACH. Joe joined NEACH in 1989 and for over 25 years has focused on Information Technology, Accounting, and Education for the Association. In addition to planning, developing, managing, and delivering Education and Training for the Association, he has a specific interest in applying technology to learning. Over the past decade, Joe has both developed and facilitated the development of several Learning products including computer based customer service tools; Payments Academy Online, LLC; ACHPro™;™; and NEACH On-Demand Learning programs.

Joe holds a BBA in Accounting and a Minor in Economics from the University of Massachusetts. He received his Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on Information Technology from Boston College. He has been certified by NACHA as an Accredited ACH Professional and by ECCHO as a National Check Professional, and is a Certified Trainer for the National Check Profession Certification Exam.