• The Week in Payments: Rewriting Rewards, Buying The Bank And Containing COVID-19 — PYMNTS

    "That there was a lot of action and motion in the payments and commerce ocean this week is not much of a surprise, as that describes pretty much every week that ends on a Saturday and starts on a Sunday. However, this week the theme of reinvention was the big recurring item, with big names in the game taking long looks at the past — and wondering how to build out an improved version for the future."
  • Cardtronics Allpoint+ ATMs Now Enabling Customers to Add Cash to Their Amazon Balance...

    "Cardtronics, the world’s largest ATM operator, today announced that Amazon customers can now complete Amazon Cash transactions at more than 400 cash-accepting Cardtronics ATMs in the U.S. The ATMs, part of the Allpoint+ Network of surcharge-free deposit-taking ATMs for Allpoint members, operate card-free, allowing Amazon customers to add cash to their Amazon Balance to make future purchases on Amazon’s online store using only the phone number linked to their Amazon account with no added fees."  — PaymentsJournal
  • LendingClub buys Radius Bank for $185 million in first fintech takeover of a regulated US bank

    "LendingClub, a fintech company that pioneered personal loans made online, is buying a U.S. bank to give it access to a stable and cheaper source of funding, CNBC has learned." — CNBC
  • Mastercard: Online Platforms – And Data – Help Cities Tackle Urban Challenges — PYMNTS

    "Bright lights, big (and small) cities and Big Data. In the drive to modernize, scale and handle burgeoning populations, cities are harnessing the power of data collection and analytics to improve infrastructure and services. As Mastercard Executive Vice President of Enterprise Partnerships and Head of Global Cities Miguel Gamiño told Karen Webster, it’s an endeavor that demands a long-term view and collaboration."
  • JPMorgan To FinTechs: Sign Data Sharing Deals, Sources Say — PYMNTS

    "As large banks and FinTechs worldwide wrestle over data-sharing, JPMorgan Chase & Co has reportedly set a mid-summer deadline for FinTechs to ink new data access agreements. FinTech firms will be prevented from accessing client data by July 30, except if they ink the deals, Reuters reported Thursday (Feb. 13)."
  • Fintech Trends Everyone Should Look For in 2020 — PaymentsJournal

    "2020 is unofficially considered a defining year for various reasons. Tons of estimations on the growth of industries and sectors across the globe have 2020 as the year, where things will go uphill. Fintech is no exception. Pull out any information or statistics on the growth of fintech, this year stands as the pinnacle of the industry’s growth."
  • Platforms Help FIs And FinTechs Break Down Silos — PYMNTS

    "In the drive to bring speed, convenience and true innovation to payments and address customers’ financial services needs in real time, financial institutions (FIs) need to break down silos."
  • Why the Fed is considering a cash-backed cryptocurrency — ComputerWorld

    "The Federal Reserve is investigating the potential of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) as the backbone for a new, secure real-time payments and settlements system."
  • Deep Dive: Optimizing Subscriptions In The Sharing Economy — PYMNTS

    "The sharing economy has rapidly expanded in the U.S., but even the most popular innovations fall out of favor if they do not keep customers satisfied. The market’s players have taken this to heart, tapping subscription-based strategies to solidify customer loyalty, boost revenues and maintain upward trajectory."
  • Nacha Announces it is Building Phixius... — NACHA

    "HERNDON, Va., Feb. 5, 2020 – Nacha announced today it is developing Phixius, an online platform that integrates technology, rules and participants to exchange payment-related information across all payment types. Phixius looks to modernize and streamline the payments process."
  • Data services: Swift - Better data is making global payment chains safer and more efficient

    "One of the most pressing current issues facing policy-makers and banks is the need to make global payments faster, more efficient and more secure."  — Central Banking
  • Banking-As-A-Service’s Secret Sauce — PYMNTS

    "Remember that old term “banker’s hours?” That term, which fairly or unfairly suggested that banks were centers of slow-moving progress and relatively easy professional work, is long gone. Indeed, banks represent a significant and necessarily vital part of the massive changes taking place all around the world in financial services and payments — moves that are happening at increasing, even real-time, speeds."
  • Fintech Adoption in North America Lags Global Acceptance — The Financial Brand

    "While the adoption of fintech services has skyrocketed globally, adoption rates in Canada and the US are some of the lowest in the world. Is this good news for legacy financial institutions or a warning sign for the future?"
  • The Link Between FIs, RTP, Data And New Mobile Use Cases — PYMNTS

    "It’s not just the speed of payments that’s important, but also the data that payment operators gain as more consumers use faster forms of digital and mobile transactions."
  • Federal Reserve Reviews PR Support For National Payment Network — The Holmes Report

    "CHICAGO — The Federal Reserve’s Customer Relations and Support Office, which oversees an electronic payment network that moves roughly $4tn a day, is reviewing PR agency support, the Holmes Report has learned."
  • The Rise of Challenger Banks in the Payments Space: How Can Traditional Banks Keep Up in 2020?

    "With the emergence of challenger banks and big tech companies, traditional financial institutions are facing a rising number of competitors in the increasingly crowded payments space." PaymentsJournal
  • BEC Fraudsters Targeting Financial Documents: Report — BankInfoSecurity

    "As business email compromise schemes continue to evolve, some cybercriminals are focusing on accessing companies' financial documents, which provide useful information to support the theft of money, according to a new report from security firm Agari."
  • 7 Fabulous AI Chatbot Trends for Small Business — PaymentsJournal

    "Chatbots. They are an interesting piece of technology. The latest trend in technology says that these chatbots will be made sure that they match the level of human behavior so that they can offer almost human-like services but better versions of them."
  • Banks’ Biggest Real-Time Liquidity Challenges —

    "Faster and real-time payments capabilities continue to proliferate in the global financial services arena, and consumers aren’t the only beneficiaries of the trend. Corporates, too, are beginning to explore opportunities in real-time transactions in areas like payroll and intra-company payments."
  • Why State And Local Governments Struggle To Shred The Paper Check — PYMNTS

    "Fifty-one percent of United States consumers stated in the most recent PYMNTS Disbursements Satisfaction Report that they would prefer to receive tax refunds, child support payments and other government payments through instant payout methods."