• Citi: Treasurers, Embracing RTP’s Bright Future — While Bracing For Dark Days Ahead

    It’s said that change is the only constant in life.

    So it is with business, with payments, with the ways we pay — when and even where and certainly how.

    The ripple effects of the digital age have touched the ways firms manage cash, and by extension, the ways treasury professionals approach their day-to-day activities in managing that cash.

    In the latest iteration of the “Executive Insight” series, executives at Citigroup take stock of the treasury function evolution from a somewhat predictable, visible monitoring of cash positions on a daily or weekly basis, marked by batch processing … to today’s necessity of managing cash in near-real-time, sometimes pressure-cooker situations.

    The overarching themes that cut across these interviews: The speed of payments is, of course, increasing. The scope of payments? That is broadening, too, and crossing borders.